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Road Bridge) Litchfield Masonry-arch bridge Starr Mill Road Bridge 1927 Middletown 413256N 724038W /.54889N.67722W /.54889; -72.67722 (Starr Mill Road Bridge) Middlesex Stone Bridge 1833 Hartford 414544N. 1132) Middlesex and New Haven open-spandrel concrete arch Bridge. 560) Litchfield open spandrel concrete arch Bulkeley Bridge 1908 Hartford 41469N 723958W /.76917N.66611W /.76917; -72.66611 (Bulkeley Bridge) Hartford stone arch bridge Bull's Bridge. 1603) Middlesex Vernacular, rustic Bridge. East Haddam 41291.5N 722032.5W /.483750N.342361W /.483750; -72.342361 (Bridge. East Haddam 412838.7N 722031W /.477417N.34194W /.477417; -72.34194 (Bridge. New London, boardman's Bridge 1888, new Milford 413536N 73272W /.59333N.45056W /.59333; -73.45056 (Boardman's Bridge). Middletown 413346N 72400W /.56278N.66667W /.56278; -72.66667 (Arrawanna Bridge). Litchfield, lenticular truss, bridge. 455) Hartford open-spandrel concrete arch Bridge. New London, lenticular pony truss; demolished, blackledge River Railroad Bridge. .

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Suffield 415730N 723740W /.95833N.62778W /.95833; -72.62778 (Bridge. This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the, national Register of Historic Places in the,.S. Colchester 41352N 722521W /.58389N.42250W /.58389; -72.42250 (Blackledge River Railroad Bridge). Middlesex open-spandrel concrete arch, ashland Mill Bridge 1886, delisted, griswold 413131N 715828W /.52528N.97444W /.52528; -71.97444 (Ashland Mill Bridge). Salisbury 41584N 732622W /.96778N.43944W /.96778; -73.43944 (Bridge. Montville 412848N 720512W /.48N.0867W /.48; -72.0867 (Bridge. 2305) Litchfield Stone arch Bridge. 1605) Middlesex Vernacular, rustic Bridge. East Haddam 412832N 722030.88W /.47556N.3419111W /.47556; -72.3419111 (Bridge. köp sexleksaker free free

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